10 Tech Trends for Marketing Teams to Watch in 2023

10 Tech Trends for Marketing Teams to Watch in 2023

What trends should marketers look for to win additional market share and increase brand awareness in the coming year? This article will present the top 10 trends to help an internet marketer work effectively in 2023.

How to gain success in technology marketing?

The year 2023 is approaching, so it’s time for specialists to prepare for new trends so that they don’t miss many opportunities for brand promotion after the holidays. Today, social networks are becoming especially popular, and their demand will not subside for a long time – they are the key to a successful marketing strategy.

Four fundamental bases from which new trends in marketing strategies will be formed in the coming years include nativeness, personalization, customer orientation, and automation. They will become a defining moment in the distribution of advertising budgets between channels, methods, and digital marketing tools.

The main marketing trends of 2023

So, we have analyzed the top 10 trends for technology marketing in 2023. They are as follows:

  1. “Transparent” content

There was a time when beautifully retouched photos and complex or formal texts were all the rage, but the audience changed as the years went by. Next year, the trend towards sincerity and honesty will continue because authenticity is becoming the determining factor for success in social networks for business. Authenticity, real-time publications, and information that customers can easily understand are more of a requirement than expectations.

  1. Customer Roadmap

One of the most optimal ways to better understand the user experience is to create a customer journey map. It is a visual representation of how the customer acts, thinks, and feels when buying a product and what barriers or problems he encounters when looking for the necessary service or product.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Research from Razorfish shows that three-quarters of marketers are not using behavioral data to design, serve and target online advertising. That is why the marketing field will work on actively applying them next year in their work.

  1. Interactive content

81% of marketers consider interactive content the cheapest and most effective marketing strategy that helps actively attract the attention of potential buyers. In addition, such content contributes to increased conversions, improved audience engagement, customer loyalty, and optimized customer experience.

  1. Augmented reality

IKEA has already evaluated the possibilities of using AR technologies, applying an interesting marketing move in its activities. Now, with the help of a special application, the client can assess in real-time how this or that interior item will look directly in his room.

  1. TikTok and Reels

TikTok trends will be actively used for the active promotion of goods and services. The presentation format of an internet service, product, mobile application, or any other product is light, dynamic, and unobtrusive. This manner contributes to the growth of loyalty to the brand, while the price of such advertising is lower than in other social networks.

  1. Social Responsibility

Consumers prefer brands that practice social responsibility, balancing their money-making initiatives with socially beneficial practices. Thus, more than half of consumers in the USA pay attention to the company’s values and outlook when shopping.

  1. Streams and live broadcasts

Live broadcasts from conferences, meetings, exhibitions, meetings with subscribers, videos of the production process or interesting ways of using products, and the experiences of other consumers are all tools for establishing contact with the audience.

  1. Audio advertising

Advertising an online store or service in audio format is an opportunity to interact with the consumer in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

  1. Chatbots

Automated systems allow you to build a dialogue with the user, quickly answer the most common questions, and be in touch 24/7.

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