Best PDF to Excel converters of 2022 for Windows, Mac, Android and online

PDF is a universal format for data exchange, which is not surprising because PDF files are displayed the same way on any computer and are easy to read. And if you need to get a document editable in Word or Excel from a PDF file, you can use special utilities. So, what are they?

Reasons to convert PDF to Excel

All technical documentation today comes in PDF format, using free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view documents. It preserves all correct formatting and makes it possible not to worry about borders being shifted, data being lost, etc. But quite often, there is a need to use some fragments of PDF files when preparing your documents or even editing materials in PDF format, for example, an article, contract, report, etc. In the first case, you will need to extract text fragments and images from PDF files. Theoretically, it can usually be done with the built-in tools of Acrobat Reader, but often with mediocre results. In the second case, you will have to convert PDF documents to an editable format (for example, MS Word) while maintaining the design of the original document, which is not provided in Acrobat Reader. There are two options for solving the problem – install a converter program that will convert PDF documents into MS Word or MS Excel format, or use a special online service.

In addition, when working with Excel spreadsheet documents, users often need to convert them to PDF format, which is especially relevant in cases where it is necessary to transfer the table to another user without the possibility of editing it. In addition, if there are formulas in the document, in PDF format, you can see only the final results of calculations on them, but not the formulas themselves. And, of course, this format is indispensable when the Excel program is not installed on the recipient’s computer.

The best PDF to Excel converters in 2022

There are a dozen online services, applications, and programs for converting Portable Document Format to other formats, so we propose to consider 4 alternative solutions:

  1. PDFelement Pro is one of the most reliable PDF to Excel converter software, and you can do PDF conversion and editing easily. This software will give you complete control over your files. You will also have the option to convert multiple PDFs to formats such as Excel, HTML, Word, and more. The software provider offers detailed information on how to transfer PDF to Excel documents on the website.
  2. UniPDF is a converter program, so you won’t have to deal with slow loading and other similar problems when using online programs. In addition, you do not have to trust your files to third parties and fear that someone will use your information.
  3. Solid Converter PDF is a professional pdf to excel online converter that transforms PDF files into editable Word documents. It is possible to extract only tables from PDF documents and then save them to Excel spreadsheets or drawings and save them in popular graphic formats.
  4. Free File Converter is an online software where you can do more than convert PDF to Excel and Word. You can access the new file by clicking on the link when using this editor. You convert the document to several formats.

So, the advantage of converting PDF to Excel using online services is that you don’t need to install a different application and can do it from any device. In addition, all these methods are free.

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